Pramila Jayapal – Bold.  Progressive.  RESULTS. 

Voters – especially women -- who have seen the desperate, untruthful attacks against Pramila Jayapal on cable TV throughout the 7th District need to see that Pramila is the only candidate in this race we can count on to lead, work across party lines, and get things done, because that’s what she’s done her whole career.

Her opponent and his allies have launched desperate, false attacks on Pramila’s outstanding record, demeaning her accomplishments. We’ve seen these types of false attacks on accomplished women at the national level and they have no place in Seattle.

Pramila is one of the most effective senators, with proven leadership to get things done. Pramila worked with the governor and Planned Parenthood to increase access to low-cost contraceptives (1).  She led the efforts in the Senate to pass the bill to track and test rape kits to bring perpetrators to justice (2).  She passed $5.2m for construction pre-apprenticeships for women, opening up good-paying trade careers that have been historically denied to women (3).

Pramila will lead our fight in Congress. That’s why Pramila is endorsed by leaders like Gloria Steinman and every major women’s group, including Planned Parenthood Action Fund and the National Organization of Women PAC.


1:  Said In Her First Year In The State Senate, “I Helped Ensure Access For Women On Medicaid For The Longest Lasting Contraceptives” And “Expanded Dental Access For All People.” India Abroad reported [India Abroad, 2/5/16]

2:  SB6484

3:  SB5863 - increase-diversity- in-highway-construction-industry- signed-into- law/

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