BURIEN's FIRST MAYOR Endorses Pramila Jayapal for Congress

"Knowing Pramila Jayapal during the 2016 Primary Election Campaign as Candidates for the 7th Congressional District in Washington State, I believe strongly that she has the necessary qualifications, leadership skills, and results-oriented performance capabilities to become the next effective Congressperson, representing the very progressive urban/suburban region with nearly 700,000 constituents.

In addition to leading by example with Vision, Integrity, and Passion (VIP), Pramila is committed to work towards a Sustainable Future for our region as an elected Representative in the United States Congress. She has embraced the successful triad principles of Sustainable Development - Economic Prosperity, Environmental Stewardship, and Social Justice, as part of her Congressional Action Plan during 2017 and beyond, by helping create thousands of well-paying local jobs in our communities for trained young work force, in the areas of Clean Energy Technologies; leading to help ratify and urgently implement the December 2015 Paris United Nations Global Climate Change Agreement, within the United States and abroad; and actively pursuing legislative as well as programmatic reforms to help alleviate the critical inter-related issues of mental health, homelessness, alcohol/drug abuse, affordable housing, and criminal justice system, in our communities across the nation.

Based on the above realistic, high priority, and science-based factual agenda, I am happy to endorse Pramila as a 7th Congressional District candidate in the 2016 General Election and recommend that all registered voters support her."

~ Dr. Arun Jhaveri, former First Mayor of the new City of Burien and Regional Technology Manager for the U. S. Department of Energy


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