Young Women Speak Out On "Unequal" Pay

SEATTLE, WA  – State Senator and candidate for Washington’s 7th Congressional District, Pramila Jayapal released a new ad slamming the gender pay gap. The ad features young women incredulous after learning that men make 21% more for the same work.  As a bold, progressive leader who has always fought systematic inequality, Pramila will not rest until women receive equal pay for equal work instead of 79 cents on the dollar.

Pramila knows that pay equity doesn't just help women, it creates economic fairness and security for the entire family. That's why she fought to raise the minimum wage, advocated for paid sick and safe leave, and pushed for equal pay for equal work. And it's why she'll continue to fight in Congress so that women not only receive equal pay for equal work, but equal opportunity for career advancements.

If elected, Pramila would make history as the first woman ever to represent the 7th District in Congress.