SEATTLE, Wash. – May 5, 2016 – Today, the National Education Association endorsed Pramila Jayapal in Washington’s 7th Congressional District race. Members of the union joined her outside Nathan Hale High School to announce their endorsement of State Sen. Jayapal.

“On a personal level, the endorsement of our campaign by the National Education Association is one that means so much to me, because a getting a quality education is the reason I came to this country in the first place. I want to help ensure that every child has the opportunities that I had.” said Sen. Jayapal.

Sen. Jayapal went on to outline her plan to strengthen public education, make higher education more affordable, help those who are already saddled with debt, and support our teachers and ensure they have the assistance needed.

Phyllis Campano, President-elect of the Seattle Education Association, said at the event, “As an educator, I am proud to support Senator Pramila Jayapal on her path to Congress. She understands the issues that our students and families face every day. With child poverty at the highest this country has seen, we want a champion in Congress that will fight for the well-being of our students.”

This endorsement marks the 16th labor union to support the campaign including the sole endorsement recommendation from the Martin Luther King County Labor Council.  Additionally, she has gained the support of EMILY’S List, Friends of the Earth, Democracy for America, and countless local elected leaders and community leaders from across the district and state. The campaign also announced their strong fundraising results, having raised over $760,000 from over 30,000 individual donations, 96% of which have been under $100. This support puts them in a strong position for the primary in August.