Pramila Jayapal says she wants to be a voice for middle class, immigrants in Congress

May 14, 2016

The Chennai-born Democrat, who was endorsed by Sanders, is running from Washington’s 7th district.

Amed with the notion that corporate special interests and anti-immigrant hysteria have sunk their talons far too deeply into the overarching body of American politics, Indian American Pramila Jayapal, 50, has set out to add her boldly progressive voice to Capitol Hill as a congressional representative from Washington state.

Jayapal — who emigrated from India as a teenager — is seeking the Democratic party’s nomination from Washington’s 7th district in order to succeed incumbent Jim McDermott. The district, which includes most of Seattle, is considered to be one of the most reliably Democratic localities in the nation. Jayapal, who originally hails from Chennai, is engaged in a primary battle with four other Democrats, including fellow Indian American Arun Jhaveri, who formerly served as the mayor of Burien, Washington.

After observing the hypocrisy and skewed nature of Wall Street first hand during the 1980s, Jayapal has spent the past 25 years advocating for both the middle class and immigrants across the United States. She now hopes she can bring that very same impetus to the House of Representatives if elected in November.

An adamant proponent of the American Dream, Jayapal recently spoke with the American Bazaar about her plan to keep the ethos alive for future generations of Americans regardless of race, creed, or socioeconomic status. Here are the edited excerpts:

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