Monday, July 1, 2016

Lummi Nation Endorses Pramila Jayapal

BELLINGHAM, WAThe Lummi Nation is proud to endorse Pramila Jayapal in the U.S. House in Washington’s 7th Congressional District. The seat is being vacated by Jim McDermott who is retiring after 27 years of service. If elected, Jayapal would be the first woman ever to represent the district.

“Pramila is a proven champion of the people,“ said Lummi Indian Business Council (LIBC) Chairman, Tim Ballew II.   “Even before being elected to the Washington State Senate in 2014, she spent 20 years as an advocate for women, immigrants, and civil and human rights. She has worked tirelessly with many Native communities to build a strong movement for justice.”

Ballew added that Jayapal has fought for increasing access for all to jobs, healthcare, and education in her role as State Senator.

As the ranking member of the Senate Natural Resources and Parks Committee, she has worked on many fishery issues that are important to our tribal communities,” said Ballew. “We especially applaud her efforts to proactively change the racist names like ‘Squaw’ and ‘Jim Crow’ from many of our state geographic landmarks. The Senator has also reached out to tribes across the state to get their guidance in renaming some of these landmarks to honor our ancestors. We’re proud to stand with her as she runs for Congress.”