DownWithTyranny!: Can Idealists Accomplish Stuff? Their Progress Is The History Of America's Success — Meet Pramila Jayapal From Seattle

The last Republican presidential candidate to win Washington was Reagan in 1984. Although Washington is basically a blue state-- Obama beat McCain 58-40 and beat Romney 56-41, both U.S.senators are Democrats and every governor for over 30 years has been a Democrat-- the state Senate is narrowly controlled by the Republicans + one renegade conservaDem, Tim Sheldon from a district across the Puget Sound from Seattle. Sheldon's idea of "bipartisan" is to hand the majority role to the Republicans and to join them in voting against marriage equality and backing their toxic agenda.

But there's a very different kind of bipartisanship, often practiced by some of the most progressive legislators in the country. We touched on it last week with a look at Mike Lux's book, The Progressive Revolution-- How The Best in America Came To Be, and the claims by conservative Democrats that Bernie's aspirations for single payer would cause political gridlock and were not feasible. American history is filled with good progressive ideas opposed by conservatives that, through hard work and determination, eventually become part of the fabric of our country, Social Security, universal suffrage, Medicare, public education, being just a few of them.

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