National and Local Environmental Leaders Line Up Behind Pramila Jayapal

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - Today, Friends of the Earth US, a national organization that has provided crucial leadership in fights resulting in landmark environmental laws, announced its endorsement of Pramila Jayapal’s bid for Congress in Washington's 7th Congressional District. FOE was joined by several prominent national and local environmental leaders in supporting Jayapal’s candidacy. National supporters include Bill McKibben, author; Paul Hawken, author; Nina Simons, co-founder of Bioneers; and Phil Radford, President of Membership Drive and former Executive Director of Greenpeace USA. Local supporters include environmental activist Stephanie Solien; Peter Goldman, Director of the Washington Forest Law Center; State Senator Kevin Ranker; Seattle Port Commissioner Fred Felleman; Beth Doglio, Program Director at Climate Solutions (for affiliation only); and Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition founding director BJ Cummings.

Accepting their endorsements, Senator Jayapal noted: "I'm honored to have the support of these incredible activists who have tirelessly championed the environment for years in our state. As an organizer, I fought to advance the cause of climate justice, and in the State Senate, I opposed Republican initiatives that would harm and degrade our environment. I will continue this fight in Washington, DC, and never stop fighting to safeguard our planet for the next generation." 

Erich Pica, Friends of the Earth, President

“State Senator Jayapal has a strong, progressive record of leadership on the issues most important to FOE Action and our members,” said Friends of the Earth Action President Erich Pica. “She is a respected advocate for a healthy and just world who boldly addresses social justice, democratic reform and takes on institutional racism. She represents the future of environmentalism, and will bring a deep understanding of the intersection of justice and environmental issues in Washington to the U.S. Congress.”

Peter Goldman, Washington Forest Law Center, Director and Managing Attorney

"I'm supporting Pramila for Congress. I have been fighting for environmental justice and enforcement of the laws of our forests for almost 20 years. I know how important leadership is in the fight for the public interest when industries try to control or manipulate the system. Addressing social justice is in Pramila’s DNA. Effective environmentalism requires social justice. We need an activist who has the passion and energy to fight for social justice for us all. Pramila is that person."

Stephanie Solien, Environmental Activist

"I admire Pramila's unifying leadership. She is able to bring people together to find common ground. I know we can trust her to be a fighter for equity, the environment, jobs and a clean energy economy. Pramila's love for the people, land and water of Puget Sound will make her a strong voice for our region in Congress." 

Paul Hawken, Author

“Pramila Jayapal represents a new generation of thoughtful and courageous leaders for whom protecting the environment is synonymous with protecting our homes, children and future. She has a refined and integrated vision of how the different “pieces” of our world are interconnected and mutually interdependent. And she has only one client: all of us.”

State Senator Kevin Ranker

"From working with me to strategically develop successful strategies to reduce carbon pollution while protecting our most vulnerable communities to standing up for the restoration of Puget Sound, Pramila is exactly the sort of environmental voice we need in our Nation's capital."

Bill McKibben, Author

“It's always cheering to see environmental leaders willing to carry the struggle inside the halls of power."

Fred Felleman, Seattle Port Commissioner

“Pramila understands that environmental degradation disproportionately impacts disadvantaged communities and that it is essential to broaden the coalition of people who are committed to leaving a healthy legacy for their children.”

Beth Doglio, Program Director, Climate Solutions (for affiliation only)

"Pramila Jayapal is exactly what Congress needs. Her values and her tenacity will help forge solutions to climate change and so much more. Pramila is an unabashed progressive with the tenacity and drive to get things done in Olympia and in Washington."

Phil Radford, President Membership Drive, Former Executive Director of Greenpeace

"While today's politics are marked by gridlock, infighting, and animosity, Pramila approaches public service rooted in love for people and the planet on which all life depends. Seattle, and our nation, needs leaders who lift us up and bring us together while making a real difference in the lives of Americans in current and future generations. Pramila is that leader."

Nina Simons, Bioneers, Co-Founder

“Pramila Jayapal’s leadership is exactly what’s needed to help break the logjam in Congress and renew our Democracy. Smart, deeply ethical and pragmatic, Jayapal knows how to put the needs of the people first, and advocates fearlessly and effectively.”

BJ Cummings, Founding Director, Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition

"Seattle is America's greenest city, but not all of its residents benefit equally – some have parks in their backyard, while others have toxic waste dumps. I trust Pramilia to make sure we all have access to a clean and healthy environment."

Senator Jayapal has pledged to make preserving the environment one of her top priorities when elected to Congress. She has worked on issues of the environment and justice for over 15 years, building strong relationships with top national leaders. As the founder of OneAmerica, Jayapal worked to bridge the divide locally between the social justice and environmental activist communities, helping to build and diversify the movement for environmental justice and raise awareness of the disproportionate burdens from climate change borne by communities of color. In the State Senate, Senator Jayapal fought to remove Republican provisions in last year's transportation bill that would have put our clean air at risk. She currently serves as Ranking Member of the National Resources and Parks Committee in the Senate.