Pramila Jayapal Receives First Labor Union Endorsements in 7th Congressional District Race

SEATTLE, WA — February 25, 2016 — Today, some of Washington’s strongest advocates for workers declared their support for Pramila Jayapal in Washington’s 7th Congressional District race. The labor unions UFCW; UAW; Ironworkers 86; Sailors Union of the Pacific; and the American Federation of Government Employees all announced their endorsements of State Sen. Jayapal.

“I am honored to have the support of the working men and women of these incredible labor unions,” said Sen. Jayapal.  “I’ve been on picket lines and at negotiating tables with labor unions for more than a decade to raise incomes and improve lives, and I’ll continue to fight for working people as a member of Congress.”

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Chris McClain, Ironworkers 86
“Pramila Jayapal has proven herself to be a steward of Washington State residents. Her values closely align with ours in that she promotes diversity in every workplace, proper training for great careers and environmental responsibility as we work to build Washington State for the future of our children. The Ironworkers believe she will continue to be the great leader she has shown herself to be.”

Andrea CaniniUAW 4121
"I'm supporting Pramila because she understands the systemic issues impacting workers and people of color, and engages deeply with communities to address these social justice issues.  Through community organizing and movement building, she's fought for real solutions that benefit our members, such as $15 minimum wage and paid sick days in Seattle.  Pramila represents the progressive, movement-based voice that is much needed in Washington, D.C."

Vince O’HalloranSailors Union of the Pacific
“Pramila Jayapal will follow in Congressman Jim McDermott’s long history as a staunch defender of the Jones Act. Named after Washington State’s United States Senator Wesley Jones. Protecting our State’s and our country's  maritime, fishing, shipyard and boat building workforces and the businesses that employ them.”

Todd CrosbyUFCW 21
"Pramila knows how to turn an idea into a movement, and she knows how to make the system work for working people."

Angie TuckerAmerican Federation of Government Employees
“On behalf of my union I am proud to announce our endorsement of Pramila Jayapal for congress.  It is rare to find someone who will recognize when something is wrong and then roll up her sleeves and do something about it.  Time and again Pramila has been such a person and she has our full support.”

Sen. Jayapal has fought for working people her entire career. She served on Seattle Mayor Murray’s committee to help pass the $15 minimum wage and introduced the bill to raise the minimum wage to $12 across the state.Her record in the State Senate includes fighting for better pensions, investment in pre-apprenticeship programs, protecting the right to organize, and supporting paid sick and safe days. As a member of Congress, Sen. Jayapal will continue to push for policies that lift up the middle class and make the American Dream real for working families again.


Media Contact: Charlie McAteer,