Dear Voter,

From the natural beauty of snow peaked mountains, fertile farmlands, bountiful lakes, rivers and the Sound to our innovation, good jobs, and growing economy, we are incredibly fortunate to call the Northwest home. Unfortunately, our natural resources, our economy and our community health are all threatened by climate change. We believe we need a leader in Congress who will harness our Northwest strengths of innovation and determination to tackle the biggest threat we share. We believe that leader is Pramila Jayapal.

Our reliance on fossil fuels is already causing problems right here in Washington State. Our sound and ocean are becoming more acidic, our snowpack is decreasing, impacting our bountiful agricultural lands and endangered salmon and fire seasons are becoming longer and more severe. This has direct impacts on farmers and farm workers who make a living growing and picking our fruits and vegetables, the shellfish industry that relies upon clean water, salmon populations and the jobs that depend upon them and homeowners and fire fighters battling forest fires to protect their property and lives. 

Climate change is not just an environmental problem, it has economic and social costs as well. Pramila understands this and has put forward a comprehensive plan to move us toward 100% renewable energy by 2050 by investing in clean energy solutions, while creating good paying jobs and investing in communities who are disproportionately impacted by climate change. Her plan harnesses the innovation in our region while protecting our natural resources, solutions that will both improve and protect our environment and foster economic growth and shared prosperity. You can read her climate action plan here:

Because everyone is touched by climate change, the challenge must be tackled by more than environmentalists. We must act boldly in ways that recognize the complex and pervasive ways our state will be impacted. We must act swiftly, but in a way that gets it right. We must engage all our people and build a coalition like we’ve never seen before – more inclusive, more diverse and stronger than ever. Pramila has a long and successful track record of bringing people together to find solutions to difficult problems. We believe Pramila will be a true champion for our state and nation on climate action – developing productive solutions and building the diverse base of support to turn those solutions into action.

While the challenges are great, climate change is our opportunity to come together and transition to a clean energy economy and move our state and nation to a more equitable and democratic future. We hope you will join with us to support Pramila Jayapal for Congress. 


  • Tim Ballew, Chairman, Lummi Nation
  • Kevin Ranker, State Senator, 40th Legislative District
  • Christine Rolfes, State Senator, 23rd Legislative District
  • De’Sean Quinn, Councilmember, City of Tukwila*
  • Peter Goldman, Environmental Lawyer
  • Gregg Small, Environmental Leader
  • Beth Doglio, Campaign Director, Climate Solutions*
  • Sharon Chen, Board Member, Washington Conservation Voters*
  • Michael Mann, Environmental Consultant; Former Director, City of Seattle Office of Sustainability and Environment
  • Nancy Ritzenthaler, Board Member, Washington Conservation Voters*
  • Jeff Johnson, President, Washington State Labor Council*
  • Tony Lee, Senior Fellow, Statewide Poverty Action Network*
  • Rebecca Saldana, Executive Director, Puget Sound Sage*
  • Aiko Schaefer, Consultant, Environmental Justice
  • Stephanie Solien, Environmental Activist
  • Rich Stolz, Executive Director, OneAmerica Executive Director*
  • Mauricio Ayon, Political Director, Washington CAN*

*For identification purposes