Church Council of Greater Seattle* Executive Director Michael Thomas Endorses Pramila Jayapal for Congress

While active on public policy issues for more than three decades, I have never before endorsed a candidate for elected office.  This year, however, I am compelled to endorse Pramila Jayapal to be our elected Representative for the 7th Congressional District.  

I have seen Pramila’s brilliant, creative and compassionate leadership for 15 years for civil and human rights and have had the privilege of working closely with her as her vision for OneAmerica unfolded.  Pramila has a dream for America, one of equality, justice and opportunity for all.   Turning this dream into reality requires innovation, energy and tenacity, which Pramila has lived and cultivated in a generation of leaders who will reshape the landscape of our region and nation for years to come. 

No longer can a representative be concerned merely for the well-being of the people within the boundaries of a district.  We need a champion who will break the yoke of self-serving interests and short-sightedness in Congress and shape a future full of hope: for women, people seeking family-wage jobs, for the disenfranchised, for the marginalized.  We need a leader who demonstrates the clarity of thought to undo the damage that racism, poverty, militarism and environmental devastation has wrought on our country.  

We need an effective communicator who will not be intimidated by those with access to power and privilege and will represent the best interests of the diverse residents of our region.  Pramila will help to restore a moral compass to confront gun violence, sow the seeds of peace, guarantee the human rights of all people, and create a just economy.  Pramila gets things done. I am proud to line up behind this uniquely-gifted candidate who has proven what it means to “think globally and act locally.”  

Pramila has my full support and encouragement to be the next great representative in the 7th District.

Michael Ramos

Executive Director
Church Council of Greater Seattle*  (for identification purposes only)


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