Workers are working harder and longer than ever before and are being shortchanged with stagnant wages while corporate profits continue to rise. Many feel like the American Dream is slipping further out of reach, but it doesn’t need to be this way. I will fight for an economy that works for everyone of us, not just the top 1%, because America’s economy is strongest when we all have the opportunity to succeed.

Fighting for Better Wages

Higher wages build strong communities and a stronger economy. That’s why Pramila played a lead a role in the coalition to pass paid sick and safe days in Seattle, and helped organize immigrants for raising the minimum wage. It’s also why the Seattle Mayor appointed her to the committee that developed the successful proposal for raising Seattle’s minimum wage to $15. Then on her third day in the State Senate, Pramila introduced legislation to increase the state minimum wage to $12 across the state. In Congress, she will  fight to increase the federal minimum wage to ensure all working people earn the wages they deserve, and to ensure that there are no tip penalties that particularly hurt women and workers of color working in service industries.

ProtectING American Jobs

Washington has a long history with trade, and it’s critical to our economy, but corporate giveaways hidden into trade deals like the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), do nothing to protect good paying jobs here are home. In Congress, Pramila will stand up to these backroom deals and make sure workers are helping negotiate fair trade deals that protect workers here and abroad.

InvestING in the Economic Infrastructure of America

For decades we’ve put off badly needed repairs to our nation’s infrastructure, resulting in crumbling bridges, overcrowded transit systems, and dangerously outdated electric grids, all while millions of skilled American workers remain unemployed. That’s why in Congress Pramila will support efforts to invest in our nation’s infrastructure, to put people back to work and make the long overdue improvements to our seaports, bridges, interstates, and energy platforms that serve as the backbone of our economy.