Gun Reform

“Gun violence is a public health crisis. It has claimed thousands of innocent lives and we must do everything we can to enact common sense gun reform. The American people are tired of sending thoughts and prayers and are outraged at seeing children die because the gun lobby puts profit over people.”

Speaking with March for Our Lives Seattle organizers at Garfield High School.

Speaking with March for Our Lives Seattle organizers at Garfield High School.



I believe in comprehensive and common sense gun reform that increases the threshold of responsibility that comes with owning a gun. This is why I co-introduced a bipartisan bill which would raise the minimum age requirement from 18 to 21 for gun buyers purchasing any firearm. Other solutions that would keep guns out of the wrong hands include requiring universal background checks for every purchase, an idea supported by over 80 percent of gun owners, closing gun sales loopholes, enacting protections that make sure those with severe mental illnesses do not have access to guns, and ensuring guns are locked and secure where children won’t access them.


New technology has drastically evolved many products since the 2nd amendment was enacted in 1791. Yet, while we have updated our laws to protect us from faster cars, such as requiring airbags and seatbelts, Congress is severely neglecting its responsibility to protect men, women, and children from new gun technology. Enough is enough -- it’s time to ban large capacity, semi-automatic assault weapons and bump stocks.