Ballots Are Out in Washington State: Pramila Jayapal's Endorsements

SEATTLE - This week, ballots across Washington State are being mailed to voters. Ballot drop boxes in King County open today. Congresswoman Jayapal is running for re-election in Washington's 7th District and supporting a slate of strong progressives across Washington -- a diverse group of candidates who will bring their backgrounds, experiences and commitment to justice to bear on their public service. Jayapal's campaign staff and volunteers have been canvassing and phone-banking for Dr. Kim Schrier in the 8th District and will soon travel to the 3rd District to support Carolyn Long.

Jayapal's endorsed candidates and initiatives in Washington State are:

Jessa Lewis - State Senate 6th District

Victoria Mena - State Representative 31st District

Maralyn Chase - State Senate 32nd District

Joe Nguyen - State Senate 34th District

Noel Frame - State Representative 36th District

Rebecca Saldaña - State Senate 37th District

Mona Das - State Senate 47th District

Debra Entenman - State Representative 47th District

Steven Gonzalez - State Supreme Court

Carolyn Long WA-03

Lisa Brown - WA-05

Kim Schrier - WA-08

Adam Smith - WA-09

YES on Initiative 940 

YES on Initiative 1631

YES on Initiative 1639

NO on Initiative 1634

All of Jayapal's endorsements across Washington and the country can be seen here. 

Ansel Herz