Trade and Global Affairs




We can no more stop trade than we can stop migration. The question isn't whether we are for or against trade. It is, how do we create trade deals that are beneficial to our workers and our environment? How do we create fair trade that doesn't exclusively prioritize the profit interests of large corporations above everything else?

Pramila comes to this issue through the lenses of international development and immigration, including her experiences traveling the world with the global health organization PATH and organizing broad progressive coalitions with OneAmerica. NAFTA exacerbated wealth inequality and undermined Mexico's economy, driving migration northward. U.S. and Mexican workers lost out. We should fight for good globalization, including a transparent renegotiation of NAFTA, with seats at the table for all, that lifts up working families everywhere. Immigration and job creation are not at odds. Labor and the environment are not at odds. It's not about whose jobs - it's about more and better jobs. 


Pramila is fighting to reassert Congress' Constitutional authority to declare war. Pramila believes that Donald Trump cannot be trusted to responsibly wield nuclear weapons and that he must come to Congress to seek authorization for any nuclear first strike - she is a proud co-sponsor of the Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017 to codify this into law. In addition, she is co-sponsoring legislation to stop the destructive and unconstitutional war in Yemen by ending U.S. military participation in the conflict. And Pramila strongly believes that the 2001 Authorization for Military Force should be brought back to the floor for an up/down vote so that it is not used to wage endless war in the Middle East. Pramila has called for a complete audit of the Pentagon, the only federal agency that has not been regularly audited.