“We may not always agree about when to deploy military force, but we can all agree that we should provide them with the very best care. Military personnel, veterans and their families make tremendous sacrifices for our country to ensure our safety and security. These men and women shouldn’t have to struggle to receive the health care, counseling services, and educational opportunities they need to succeed.”



Pramila is working to ensure veterans receive the quality care they deserve by holding the VA accountable while protecting it from shortsighted cuts and investing in proper care for our veterans, including expanding mental health services. Pramila's team of caseworkers have returned about $350,000 to constituents and worked to resolve countless issues for veterans seeking help with federal agencies.

As a member of the Healthcare Committee in the State Senate, Pramila worked to ensure disabled veterans received the medical assistance they needed by helping make it easier to access supplemental benefits for disabled care.


Taking care of the men and women who have risked their lives in order to protect our freedoms means so much more than ensuring their medical needs – it means helping them succeed when they get home by providing them with the education and jobs that will allow them to thrive in civilian life.

The New GI Bill has benefitted millions of veterans, but it’s also been abused by some institutions in the for-profit school sector, often leaving veterans in debt and with a subpar education. Pramila is working to crack down on abuse within the GI Bill program and close the loopholes that have allowed veterans to be taken advantage of. She supports efforts to expand veteran small businesses and improve job counseling and placement services so that veterans’ skills can be put to good use in the civilian workforce.


It’s unacceptable that any veteran would face homelessness after making the sacrifices they have for our country. In Congress, Pramila is fighting to end veterans homelessness for good by making mental health and counseling services more accessible, streamlining the VA disability claim process for quicker service, and nationalizing the Housing First program that provides unconditional stable housing first and then addresses any underlying issues that may be contributing to the homelessness.