Voting Rights

“Free and open elections are the foundation of a healthy democracy. Unfortunately restrictive voter ID laws, voter roll purges, and cuts to early voting and polling place locations across this country are stripping away our right to vote—disproportionately hurting minority communities, the elderly, students and people with disabilities. We as a country should be making it easier, not harder to exercise our right to vote.”



Pramila believes deeply in the power of individuals to create real change. A long- time activist, Pramila led one of the largest voter registration efforts in Washington State, helping more than 23,000 new Americans to register to vote and become active and engaged citizens.

As a State Senator, Pramila took her passion for voting rights further by writing and introducing SB 6379, legislation that would automatically register eligible voters — increasing voter rolls, reducing paperwork and streamlining the registration process. Pramila was also a key supporter of The Washington Voting Rights Act that empowers local municipalities to change their method of election to ensure all people have an equal opportunity to elect the candidate of their choice.

In Congress, Pramila is fighting to improve access to voter information to communities with limited English proficiency, including ballot information in plain language and providing more language options throughout the voting process — from registration forms, petitions and ballots. In addition, she is working to ensure the fundamental right to vote is protected for all citizens, including felons — helping reintegrate them into being a fully functional member of society.


As a result of the 2013 Supreme Court decision, states that were once required to get federal approval before making changes to their voting practices or procedures are no longer subject to the same level of scrutiny. The predictable result has been a significant increase in voter disenfranchisement throughout the country.

Pramila has joined the bipartisan effort underway to modernize the Voting Rights Act and further strengthen it. She believes that we must ensure that any jurisdiction with a history of voter discrimination is closely monitored and any type of voting change that is likely to result in discrimination be subject to further scrutiny as well. In addition, she is working to ensure all citizens have full and equal access to the ballot.