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My name is Pramila Jayapal. I’m running for Congress because now is the time for a bold, progressive fighter.

The corporate special interests have their voice in Washington, DC. What Washington State needs is a bold progressive voice who will fight for you.

I have spent the last 25 years fighting to expand the middle class and lift up working people all over Seattle and across our state, and thats exactly what I’ll do in Congress.  

I will fight for a higher minimum wage because working families deserve a pay raise; paid sick and safe days so workers dont have to worry about losing a job when they are sick or dealing with domestic violence; and equal pay for equal work, because women deserve every penny theyve earned.  

I will fight to expand Social Security and Medicare instead of letting the special interests cut them and break the promise made to seniors who paid in with every paycheck

I will fight for cleaner air and water, and for a clean energy economy that creates jobs and preserves our environment for generations to come. 

And the first bill I will propose is debt-free college so every young person willing to do the work can get the education or training they need to succeed.

I am an immigrant. And like so many immigrants before me, I am an American.  I came to the United States as an immigrant from India when I was 16 years old. My parents took all the money they had and used it to send me to this country - because they believed this was where I would get the best education and have the brightest future. 

They were right. I’ve worked on Wall Street and know exactly what needs to be done to protect consumers and punish those who crashed our economy. I’ve been a community organizer, and know the challenges families face just trying to get through the week. I’ve been a state senator, and know how to get things done while standing my ground. 

I’ve lived the American Dream, and I’ve devoted my life to fighting for others to have the opportunities they need to achieve their own American Dream.